Andy started Media Works Productions in 2005 doing various corporate and outdoor videography. With years of experience he has developed an incredible eye and unique style of shooting that takes videos to the next level.  He has produced full series tv shows that has aired on national networks.  He has also filmed Adam Levine and various other singers for interviews and concerts.


Growing up just north of the Twin Cities in the small town of Lindstrom, MN, she has been itching for a new adventure. She loves to travel and create videos of her life experiences; that’s where her interest in videography began. Through her travels across the United States and visiting five continents, she wants to show the world the different cultures through a camera lens. She loves shooting and editing film to share a story through each wedding video.


Cesar has had an eye for videography since being handed a camcorder at family gatherings. He has served in the U.S Military Army branch and studied Visual Communications at Western Technical College. His extensive videography and editing experience includes: national commercials, corporate videos, and a television show for the Outdoor Channel, as well as many wedding day celebrations. All of his experience in combination with his skills and creative vision come together to create a unique and visually enhanced product for his clients.


Growing up in the small town of Rushford, MN, Becky had to learn ways to entertain her and her friends without driving anywhere. She did this through video and she grew to love it. Beginning at age 8, Becky acted in theater productions and even wrote her own plays. By working on this variety of projects, her knowledge of video increased ranging from filming, to editing, to casting, to lighting, and even building production sets. Becky then graduated at Winona State University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications Broadcasting and a Studio Arts Minor. Becky’s goal is to show the area on what video can do; there are so many possibilities to convey an emotion, opinion, information, and more.



Why choose us for your Dance Recital?

  • Film in HD with automatic backup systems
  • Our DVD’s have on screen titles & chapter stops
  • In-House DVD production for high quality
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • We can take care of full order process

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